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An End to Darkness

I would like to tell you about two of my clients. Both came from very battered, emotionally abused childhoods.

One came from a home where he was either screamed at or ignored. His mother threw glass and other hard objects at him. She would follow my client through the house screaming at him. Screaming so loudly, she could be heard by the next door neighbor. His father's death when he was ten only added more misery and confusion because he was not allowed to attend the funeral.

His step father made inappropriate advances to him when his mother was not around. And when they were both gone (on extended vacations), he was left with the responsibility of caring for two younger siblings as well as going to school full time, cooking all meals, cleaning the house and ensuring His younger brother did his homework.

He was an adult, with adult responsibilities at 14. His problems didn't end there. He left - ran away from - home when he was 16. Although his mother knew where he was, Mom chose to ignore the fact that her minor child was living on his own. For comfort, my client turned to booze, drugs and tobacco but not to people. People had never been a comfort to him. They had abused him, ignored him, and left him. Any wonder he deals with anger issues?

The second client was terrorized his entire childhood. He never felt safe, loved or wanted. His parents pretty much ignored his existence unless they wanted someone to yell at. When he was frightened, he would creep to the top of the stairs - which was as close as he could get without his parents yelling at his, belittling his and ignoring his fears. Wonder why he has problems maintaining an emotionally close relationship?

Sometimes I wonder how children manage to grow up at all, let alone become even reasonably functioning adults. To meet either of these people, you would never know what misery they had been exposed to.

So why am I telling you this? Because I know there are so many more just like these two. People who hide a battered past because they feel they are worthless. There are more who believe that the worst life offers, is the best they deserve.

I take such exception to that. Everyone deserves to be loved, believed in and treated with compassion and respect.

If either of these backgrounds sound like yours, call me. You are valuable. You are worthy. You deserve all good things as much as - perhaps even more so - than anyone else.