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Case History - Fear of Heights

We've been chatting for several months about what hypnosis can do and how it works. I thought I might share with you some case histories. (The events are real, the names are not.)

I got my certification just before Thanksgiving and just after Thanksgiving, I had my first client. Cletus was afraid of heights. Very afraid! He lived in a ground floor apartment - not even a step up into his home. He worked in a high rise downtown. He was fortunate enough to have an interior office.

In regression, he went back to a time when he was seven. He and a friend were riding their bikes on a loading dock and he fell. (I understand this is a very boy thing to do. I wouldn't know, I reared girls.) As the older wiser adult, he went back to this younger self and told him everything he needed to know. He validated the boy's feelings and allowed the younger self to express his feelings. The older wiser adult assured the boy that he would always be there to keep him safe. We gave the boy the opportunity to view the event through the adult's eyes then took him someplace safe where he would never feel fearful again.

When I emerged Cletus, his first question was, "Is that all? That's it? We're through? Wow, I never thought it would be that easy." I left and didn't give much thought to Cletus or his fears.

A week or so later, I got a call from Cletus. "I've been trying this out. I visited a friend who lives on the 12th floor. I even walked out onto her balcony!" Hmmmm, how did that feel? "It was great!" Again, I gave little thought to Cletus until he emailed me on Christmas Eve.

"I went to the company Christmas party. They held it in the restaurant on the top floor. Two walls are completely glass. I can't believe the difference. I usually stay well back in the corner. But this year, I kept walking up to the windows to look out. Laughing - child like. This is incredible!"

That was the best Christmas gift I've ever gotten. But the story doesn't stop there. Several months later Cletus called me again. "I had to go to Lawton so I took a drive up Mount Scott. By the time I got to the top, I was really washed out. This is wearing off and I don't want to ever go back to where I was before!"

I met with Cletus a second time. Not to do trance work, he didn't need it. Just to assure him that these changes are permanent. I didn't make him fearless. He would always have prudent caution. That is healthy. But the old, unreasonable fears were gone forever - evidenced by the fact that we were having this chat on the balcony of this third story apartment.

I still hear from Cletus now and again. Like a first love, my first client holds a special place in my heart. Live long and prosper, Cletus!