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Part I

The number of people who are overweight is growing. The reasons people overeat are varied and numerous. We eat for comfort or companionship. We eat because we are hungry, bored, guilty, etc. And the programs to 'lose weight' are just as numerous. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Scarsdale, Atkins, South Beach, grapefruit, high protein, low carb, etc. Still we are an over weight nation. Why is that? Why don't we succeed?

The basic problem is that most programs don't address the emotional issues surrounding WHY we eat. What good does it do to 'lose weight' if you don't deal with the issues that cause you to eat more than you should? Until those issues are addressed and resolved, we continue to fail in the attempts to 'lose weight'. Hence, we are fat because we are starving.

Here's a new concept. I do not allow my clients to lose weight. Well, hello. That's why I came! Then, consider this. When you lose something, what do you do? Either search for it until you find it or replace it. When this is applied to weight what you end up with is the yo yo effect. The Lost and Found Syndrome. Once you have left all this excess behind, do you ever want it back again? NO! Didn't think so. What you want to do is SlenderSize - a program offered only by the Jenks Hypnosis Center.

As long as we are debunking old concepts, try this one on for size. I do not allow my clients to "go" on a diet. Get real! How do you lose weight if you don't diet? Now what did I just say about losing weight? Everything you put in your mouth is your diet. So how do you "go" on something you are already on? When your mentality is "going" on a diet, you radically - and temporarily - change the foods you eat as well as your eating habits. But when you achieve your goal - or toss your hands up in frustration - you go back to eating in the real world AND to all the old, bad habits, temptations and problems you had before you started. So what do you gain? All the old weight and a few extra pounds to boot.

Ok So what do I do? Change the way you think about food. Change your vocabulary. Change your perspective. Conquer the old emotions surrounding why you eat and what you eat. Learn to handle the foods that populate the real world you live in. In short - SlenderSize.
Ready for a third mind bending concept? What is the most frustrating, failure producing part of all the old programs you've tried before. The dreaded bathroom scales. Try throwing them out the window. Never step on them again. But how will I know how well I'm doing? Your clothing will be your guide. When you feel the way you want to feel. Look the way you want to look. Your clothes fit the way you want them to fit. What does it matter what the number on the scales is?

Picture this. You step on the scales and you've gained a few pounds. "But I've been good. I've eaten right. I've exercised. How can I have gained!" Up goes the frustration, down comes the self esteem, out the window goes the weight program and you head for the kitchen for some good old comfort food. What you are neglecting to consider is that weight naturally fluctuates daily because of bloating and water retention or the lack thereof. Also, the number on scales is something plucked out of thin air. It doesn't take into consideration your body mass, bone density or bone size. Why keep beating yourself up? Why keep repeating a process that doesn't work. Isn't that a little like watching an instant replay and expecting a different outcome? Ok. If I don't want to lose weight, go on a diet or step on the scales, how do I . . .ah What do I do?

Change the way you think. Change your vocabulary. Change your perceptive. Easier said than done. It is easier than you think. The Jenks Hypnosis SlenderSize program helps you do just that. By changing the old habits, old perceptions, old vocabulary, and old ways of doing things. Not just for a while. Forever!!!

Is all lost? No. Is there really help? Yes. Can I really be thin the rest of my life. Not only Yes. But H E Double toothpicks YES! Allow us to guide you though the SlenderSize Program to a slim trim healthy you. - Forever! .