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Say Good Bye to Tobacco

November is the Great American Smoke Out month. Be smoke free for one day. How about being smoke free for the rest of your life? That sounds great, but it's hard just getting through one day. The cravings are awful! How about quitting without cravings, without gaining weight, without being grumpy. (Yes, I know that puts it mildly, but my momma taught me to be a lady.)

You're kidding! No weight gain? None. No 'grumpiness'? None. How about being around other smokers? No problem. Really? Really! How do you do that? With hypnosis. Excuse me?

Let's start at the beginning. Why do you smoke - or chew - or use tobacco in any form? Because you are stressed, angry, overwhelmed. Because it calms you, relaxes you, gives you something to do with your hands, or a good excuse to take a break. Do you smoke because of a need to punish yourself or someone else? What stops you from becoming a non-smoker? Usually, the desire to avoid the cravings when you stop. Even with patches and gum, the cravings persist, because you BELIEVE they will persist. It is what you expect to happen. It is what you are programmed to believe will happen. After all, it is to the benefit of the tobacco companies for you to believe quitting is a painful, torturous experience. One that more often than not ends in failure. The attitude becomes - Why try?.

Well, I have tried before, and I'm still smoking. The experience was dreadful! What is so different about your program? Hypnosis. Oh yeah. I went to one of those guys at a hotel once. He told me cigarettes would taste like . . . well, not pleasant. Didn't work. Smoked on my way back to my car. A lot of money and no results. Why do you think you can do what that guy couldn't?

This program is successful because of three reasons. 1) I work with clients one on one. And I don't use aversions techniques. They work for a very few people. I deal with the emotions of WHY you smoke. The obvious- the reasons, the excuses, the old habits - as well as the not so obvious - the guilt, the fears, the lack or need to control, etc. Each session is specific to the reasons and needs of each client.

2) I help you stop the sabotage. Have you ever listened to the way you speak to yourself? You know, those words you mutter under your breath or that keep bouncing around in your head. You wouldn't dream of speaking to your spouse, children, friends, co-workers or even strangers the way you speak to yourself. Negative words are so powerful that it takes six - SIX - positive affirmations to counter a single negative comment. Think about it. What are you telling yourself?

I help you break the negative self talk habit and replace it with positive self talk. When your self talk is positive, a general feeling of well being overflows into every aspect of your life.

3) I help you find healthy alternatives to the old reasons and excuses. By dealing with your subconscious mind, the old programming can be eliminated and replaced with healthy alternatives. Think of yourself as a computer. Your hard drive is your subconscious and the computer operator is your conscious mind. The operator can work only with the programs installed. When the programming is faulty, the outcome is flawed. But when the programming solid, the outcome is fantastic.

There are two stipulations. 1) You have to WANT to stop smoking (I do) with all your heat and soul. You have to WANT to stop more than you want to continue. And 2) It must be YOUR idea to quit. If you feel pressured, by family, friends, doctor, society - save your money until you DO want to quit.

But - if quitting is what you really want to do, you can walk out of my office a non smoker, no withdrawals, no weight gain, no cravings. No Nada! You will be and remain a non smoker the rest of your life.