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New Year Resolutions 2009

The New Year has come and gone. New Year Resolutions are fading fast. Once again, resolve failed to create the new US we wanted.

"You know, I do this every year and every year I fail miserably. I don't understand." An excellent thought to ponder. And I think I have the answer. But first let me ask a few questions. How many resolutions did you making? How committed were you to those changes?

"Ahh . . . Well . . ." I thought so. Frequently, we make resolutions because we know we should make changes; we'd like to make changes. But we aren't committed to making changes. So, by February, those resolutions are down the drain - again. And we continue on again, comfortably settled in our ruts. We know we should change something but we're too lethargic to make the effort. Our get up and go got up and went.

So, how many changes did you have on your list? Be honest now. Three? Five? More? Hmmm If you are ready to make a change, chose just one.

"One? But there are so many changes I wanted to make!"

The more changes you try to make at one time, the more shattered your focus, attention and efforts are. Chose one. The one you are most committed to making. Once you've made that choice, make a plan of attack. Strategize. Changes aren't something you decide to do then tuck safely into the corner of your mind and ignore. It takes effort, focus and all of your attention. It won't happen over night. It won't happen without some backsliding. But that's ok. Cut yourself some slack. Every day is new and every day you get the opportunity to start fresh. Reaffirm your intentions each morning. Forget what happened yesterday, that's the past. Take the lessons and leave the rest behind. Focus forward. And don't give up! Gradually you will be able to create that new habit - one that will serve you well and long. And when that habit is firmly in place, chose another change you wish to make. Plan. Strategize. Focus forward. Reaffirm each morning. New Year's isn't the only time to start creating a new you.

And, if you need some assistance in making those changes, we are always here to help you achieve your desires, your goals and your dreams.