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Testimonials - The Best of all Praise

The best advertising any business has are the testimonies written by happy, satisfied clients. And I am no different. I love to hear from my clients and how they are doing. I love to see and hear about the changes I their lives.

Usually clients come to me with drawn faces and hopes crushed by years of negativity - both theirs and what others have given them. They spend one, maybe two sessions with me and then - Viola! The old pains are gone. Old angers released. Power reclaimed. And old foes forgiven and forgotten. They are so excited that something so simple as closing their eyes and relaxing could have wrought such huge differences in their lives.

Some testimonials come to me in emails, some in phone calls, some are friends, family and acquaintances they've sent to me (I like that kind!) or sometimes I meet someone by chance. Some, testimonies are straight forward and simple - most of them are. Others are heart felt and quite elaborate. All come from a grateful heart. I'd like to share with you a testimony received by a colleague in Canada.

Ode to Hypnosis

You can change your life, one thought at a time.
You can change the stuck, old rhythm and rhyme
Shake up your ego; shift gears in your brain.
Release the past now. You have all to gain.
Toss out old logic. Make peace with the past.
They no longer serve you. You see that at last.

Breathe deeply and rest. Relax in the chair.
Set aside your doubt and troublesome cares.
Welcome the hypnotic voice in your ears,
And music of waves, dissolving your fears.
Slip deep and deeper into theta state
Plant seed of self love instead of self hate.

Hands, tingle and numb. Chest, rises and fall.
Not really asleep, yet phantoms do call.
A distant island. Idyllic blue sky.
You are a free bird, soaring ever high.
The power of the mind has broken the chains
That held you earth-bound to rusted old pains.

With a willing heart and new tools in hand,
There is no limit to the mind's new span.
Torture a habit, until it relents.
Replace it with calm. Anxiety spent.
Achieving your goals means thinking them true.
And loving yourself whenever you do.

Written by Alice Palermo
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

For all hypnotists world wide, who strive to make your life a better place to live, we thank you for your kind thoughts and words.