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What is Required for Hypnosis to Work?

This is another question I frequently get. It is a good question. And I happen to have a good answer! All that is required is an I.Q. of 70 or above and the desire to experience trance. Now, if you want it to work - long term - you have to want it to work. Not just with your head. But with your heart. This must be a gift you give to yourself. If you want to change for any other reason -- I know I should, my spouse/children/boss/coworkers want me to; my doctor tells me I need to -- keep your money. None of these are valid reasons for spending time in my office. This is the most important concept I present to any client.

Well, of course I want it to work. Why would I want to continue feeling bad? Another good question but you might be surprised by the answer. The biggest stumbling block to improvement is secondary gain.

Excuse me? What is that?

Secondary gain is when the advantages of staying the same outweigh the advantages of change. For example: I see a lot of women who are overweight because of rape, molestation or sexual abuse. They feel that 'if I am not sensual, sexual or sexy, this will never happen to me again.' She may consciously want to be slim, but her excess weight keeps her feeling safe. If she becomes thin, she might be required to interact with the world (men in particular) in an entirely different manner - one that makes her uncomfortable or frightened. So although she tries to lose weight, she continually gains it back again. Her secondary gain is protection.

Another example might be a young man whose father and grandfather are doctors. This young man does poorly in school even though he is capable of excellence. But if he makes good grades, he knows he will be expected to follow in the family business. That is something he doesn't want to do so he uses poor grades to circumvent those expectation. Poor grades won't allow him to enter medical school. His secondary gain is that he is able to control his life choices rather than having them forced upon him. If either of these sought hypnosis, neither one would achieve long term positive results because they get more from staying the same that they would from changing.

Those who come to me saying, "I want to change because I choose to make my life better." This person will succeed immediately and long term. Without this heart-felt, soul deep desire to change as a gift to yourself . . . Well, save your money. Nothing I do, or anyone else for that matter, will have long term or lasting effects.