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The Power of Hypnosis in the Movies

When I was a youngster, I bought a lot of Superman comic books (for 10 cents each - it was quite a while back). Thinking back on those stories, I remember a lot of the bad guys and what powerful and seemingly magical inventions they had. They usually got the best of Superman at the first of the story, but, by the end, he figured out a way to defeat them.

Now, those devices were not actually real (in the real world) but in the story they worked perfectly in spite of the laws of physics. All the writer had to do was make them up and write them into the story. Then the characters were affected by those devices and had to deal with them. There were also aliens and kryptonite, lots of kryptonite.

Most of what we see about hypnosis in the movies is just like the devices in those Superman stories - made up by the writer. I have often wished that I had even some of the power that many movie hypnotists have (evil laugh goes here). But the fact is, we hypnotists cannot control people. We use the power of the person's own subconscious to accomplish everything that we do.

But it is fun to watch the movies and to see how hypnosis is used (and misused), usually by the bad guy. And there is a website that documents many, many movies with hypnosis. There are also many other forms of media such as television, fiction, and even the comics. It is very well done by Terry O'Brien at: