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Here are some comments from our clients

Testing Fears

I was advised to go see Nancy or someone certified in hypnosis; to help me meditate before taking my exam. I struggled for years to pass my Board Exam. I graduated with an degree in the health field over 11 years ago. I even ventured off into a new profession went to grad school became a doctor, and pass those board exams, yet I couldn't understand why this exam was so difficult. I knew I had the knowledge, and was smart enough, but couldn't focus for this one for some reason. Every time I took this exam I had anxiety attacks in the worse way. Feb. 2008 was my 6th attempt taking the test. I wanted to take it for closure, even though I am a doctor its not a nice feeling to know that you failed at something. It also would open up more doors for me within the company I work for.

Nancy, helped to guide me by reflecting on monumental moments in my life that gave me that same feeling, and to stay with that part of me during that specific time and help heal myself.

Eg: The woman that I am now needed to go back and heal the little girl, teenager, etc. To comfort and nurture myself. It is hard to explain, but I had to be the one in my mind, (on all three levels) to go back and help me. After, this session I realized that I couldn't pass the exam all those years because of the extra baggage that I carried, even though I thought I let most of it go. Some baggage I knew full well I carried around with me, yet I just wore my mask for years. I was a master at it.

I worried about going to her, because I knew she would pull that hurt out and I was so use to being the strong one. Year after year things just kept piling up, even with me going through school, making many accomplishments in my life, and having children. This one session ( which I thought would take many), helped ground and center me. I spent years trying to appease others. It not only help for the exam , that I PASSED!; she gave me some tools to use for a lifetime. Thank You Nancy for being a Guiding Light. I gave birth to a new me!

Dr. R. H. - Broken Arrow

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my NAPLEX (the Pharmacist Licensing Boards)!!!! Our last session really helped me relax. I was barely nervous at all during the exam and seemed to be able to focus better than ever! I am officially a Pharmacist now and wanted to say thanks for everything.

Teressa D



On June 24th, 2011, thanks to Nancy - and my receptive subconscious mind - I became a nonsmoker and I will be for the rest of my life. I had a great experience and was provided with the tools I needed to not only ditch cigarettes but also maintain my sanity through a very trying time in my life.

I believe hypnosis to be a wonderful way for us as humans to utilize the tools that are locked away inside our own minds to better ourselves without the use of drugs, artificial stimulants, etc.

Thank you, Nancy for your help in this process.

Barbara J

I'd smoked 2 to 3 packs a day for over 30 years and didn't believe I could quit. I haven't had a cigarette since I walked out of your office. Thank you for working with me in such a way that I quit smoking immediately and haven't smoked a cigarette since. Plus, it doesn't bother me to be around people who do smoke.

Jan N.

Its been over two months and haven't had a cigarette since I left your office! My wife has the same result to report!
Thank you so much for freeing us from the grip of nicotine and all the negative effects of smoking after 25 years.

You truly are a LIFE SAVER!
I have sent you 3 referrals since my visit. I was a little skeptical of them getting the same results. Were they as mentally prepared and ready to stop as I was? I mean I really wanted to quit and knew this would take some self control on my part! To my amazement they are all smoke free also!!!

I would recommend this to anyone who's tried the patch, the gum, or any other gimmicks! THIS WORKS!!!
Thanks again!!!

Jeff & Sheila T.

I just want to let you know that I was a smoker since the age of 13. And my biggest fear was the horrible withdrawals, but to my amazement, I have zero withdrawals, zero anxiety, zero worry, and zero bitchiness, zero pain. I couldn't even imagine my life without cigarettes and now I can't imagine ever smoking before. Food is not even an issue for me. Every suggestion you gave me, follows me day to day. Its only been a few days but I feel terrific, empowered, and just plain wonderful.

Trey C.

I went to Jenks Hypnosis not really knowing what to expect. I did think it was going to be somewhat of an aversion therapy. It was with great surprise, and comfort that I found that the suggestions are all positive reinforcements.

When I left I had some cigarettes laying in my vehicle seat. I wondered what was going to happen. I threw them out on my way home. I have had thoughts of smoking at the times I usually smoked. But if I try to think about going to the store to get cigarettes, its like my mind just goes blank, or I think, why would you go buy cigarettes, when you are a non smoker? I have actually started to reach for them, but the same thoughts came right after that.

I have had no physical withdrawal since I went to see Mrs. Reno. I have actually felt better physically since the hypnosis, than before.

I believe that hypnosis is the best, most complete help available to quit smoking. I would recommend it to anyone who is truly wanting to quit.

I will be going back to see Mrs. Reno for some other things in my life. I have no doubts I will receive help for each and every problem I take to her.

Thank you Mrs. Reno for following your calling!!!

Jan A.

I chose hypnosis to help me stop smoking. All my questions were answered prior to the session and the results were good. I did quit smoking but I struggled.

Stephanie P.


Weight Control (SlenderSize)

Just thought I'd let you know that my task for this morning is going through my clothes and switching winter and summer clothes around. The sack of "too big" is growing and I'm delighting in putting on things that didn't fit the last time I tried.

I permanently discarded 15 pounds, then "oasised" for about 5 weeks! That was kind of a bummer, but I just hung in there. Now I'm back on track and am down a couple more pounds. I just don't feel any urgency about how fast it comes off, since I don't feel like I'm really working at it. Just letting it happen.

I am still amazed at my lack of desire to snack, especially chocolate! I'm not doing great on the exercise--so I'm going to work in a visit with you about that. I really appreciate what you helped me to do.

Gayle C.



I went to the Jenks Hypnosis Center because I felt confused and depressed about life. My experience was Awesome! Ms. Reno scheduled me immediately for an appointment and took all the time needed to answer my questions and treat me. I felt immediately at ease with her and the process.

When it was over, I felt as though a great weight had been lifted and I was peaceful. Ms. Reno is amazing. I have told many friends about my positive experience. If I ever have another serious episode, I know where to go.

Thank you!

Kathy D

I was having trouble with my blood pressure and stress when I was referred to Jenks Hypnosis Center. Ms. Reno did a great job. I have referred several people to her.

Kerry W.


Past Hurts

The reason for my visits was past hurts and weight. The service was excellent and my experience was pleasant.

It didn't work as well as I had hoped for the weight but the success for past hurts was excellent.

Linda H.


Sexual Problems

I sought help for sexual dysfuction. I felt very comfortable and at ease. My questions were all answered and the process was well explained.

The whole experience was very pleasant.

Jennie B.


Broken Relationship

It's working! Amazing! I no longer close the door of my office just to cry for a few minutes! I actually find myself missing being sad. Well, I still do feel sad once in a while, but very less often than before. My critical mind still tells me to deny that it's working, but it seems to be working.

It's like I had a mouth ulcer, which I licked repeatedly just to check if it still hurts. After the session with you, I still do lick everywhere in my mouth, looking for something I can indulge in, but just can't find it now -- perhaps just a little scar.

Thanks again for spending a lot of time for me ... I'm sure I'll use your skills for improving my life and for some fun (such as seeing my past lives and talking to my spirit guides), and continue to grow spiritually so that I can reach out to other people like you do!

Mark K.