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What can Hypnosis be used for?

Most commonly, people think of Weight Control and Smoking Cessation when they think of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. However hypnotherapy applies to a broad spectrum of daily life. Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective working with such problems as specific fears (phobias); pain management; stress management and relaxation; empowerment, motivation, confidence and self esteem; grief resolution and academic enhancement. These are only a few of the areas in which hypnotherapy can be an effective means of improving and resolving issues. The ability of hypnotherapy to help is limited only by the client himself.

How does hypnosis help in Weight Control?

This is probably the most frustrating process most of us deal with. Stepping on the scales is the biggest source of our frustration and anger. "I've eaten what I'm supposed to eat. I've exercised like I'm supposed to and I have still gained weight! This isn't working!"

The truth is, you could have been achieving your goal just fine. As we burn stored fat, we build lean muscle and bone. Fat takes up space. Lean muscle and bone weighs more. We focus on clothing size and fit rather than pounds.

One of the first challenges is to change the perspective of what you will be doing. 1) Weight Loss has a negative connotation- one of deprivation and struggle. Also, when you lose something, you typically look for it until you find it. So we speak of Slenderizing which has a more positive focus. 2) Every person in the world is on a diet. Every thing you put in your mouth is part of your diet. And the first three letters tend to be somewhat off putting. So we speak of fine-tuning your eating habits. Again, a more positive attitude. 3) We focus on the goal of how clothing fits not the number of pounds weighed. Once you are wearing the size you want to wear and your clothes fit the way you want them to fit, you have achieved your goal - regardless of what the scales may say.

Self-image is a critical part of our program. The image a person holds is the image the body tends to emulate. If a person has a body image of being fat, the body will conform to that image. Through hypnotherapy, we can replace the old image by creating a new one. A trim, slim, healthy image that the body now conforms to. Also, hypnotherapy provides suggestions to increase the desire to drink water, decrease the desire for fatty foods and creates the desire for a healthy lifestyle. We work with how you eat, when you eat, why you eat and the emotions surrounding these areas.

We like to work with our clients in at least three sessions. However, if you feel that you have everything you need after one or two sessions, there is no need to return. If you feel you need more assistance after three, continue coming until you feel you no longer need to. Every person is different and we work within the frame-work of each client's needs and desires.

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How does hypnosis work for Smoking Cessation?

Frequently, the smoker started at an early age because of peer pressure, rebellion or because it was The thing to do. In hypnotherapy, the client revisits those events with the eyes of an adult. Realizing that the destructive behavior of today is actually the rebellious acts of a young child is frequently all that is required to begin the process of becoming a non smoker. Used in conjunction with strong suggestions of becoming a non smoker and remaining a non smoker, this approach has been extremely successful. For many of our clients, one session is all that is necessary.

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Iíve had a specific fear for over 30 years. Can hypnosis help me?

Absolutely! It does not matter how long the client has suffered with a specific fear or when it begin to affect their life, the only requirement is that the client wants to change.

Frequently, the origins of these fears are rooted in an innocent childhood incident rather than something traumatic and fearful. In hypnotherapy, the client revisits that incident with adult eyes. In this manner, the adult can recognize the harmless nature of the incident and change his or her memory which, in turn, removes the fears. Resolving a specific fear usually take only one session. And yes! It can be just that easy.

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What kinds of pain can hypnosis help with?

Pain is not a villain. It is the bodyís way of telling us something is wrong or that we need to slow down. The problem arises when pain receptors begin to run overtime. The subconscious is a powerful tool in working with all kinds of pain. From the discomfort of daily headaches to traumatic injuries to pre surgical jitters and post surgical discomfort, hypnotherapy can create a sense of well being and comfort.

Simple techniques can be learned to relieve the discomfort of stress or tension headaches as well as relief from cluster and migraine headaches. Similar techniques can be utilized to relieve phantom pain, post surgical pain or the debilitating pain of fibromyalgia. Different types of pain management take varying lengths of time to achieve. Again, we work within the framework of our clients to achieve optimum relief in the shortest amount of time.

If you are currently under the care of a licensed medical practitioner for pain management, a referral may be required.

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My life seems to have gotten out of hand. My stress levels are out of sight. How can hypnosis help me?

We live in a Ďhurry up and waití world. When the obligations of family, work and recreation pull us in several directions at once, our body reacts by tightening up. This causes tension headaches, muscle pain and an all over general Ďthe next person I see, Iím gonna chokeí feeling.

In hypnosis, the body learns how to relax completely. Learning techniques that can be used to trigger this level of relaxation anytime can increase your general sense of well being, keep you calmer and reduce the tension of your muscles. No it wonít change the number of obligations you currently have. But it can help strengthen your resolve to limit your future involvement.

How many sessions depends on the clientís needs and abilities to learn and apply simple techniques.

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I donít feel that Iím in control of anything in my life. What can hypnosis do for me?

Feeling out of control and powerless is a common problem. Motivation dwindles, self-esteem and self-confidence plummets and there just doesnít seem to be a way back.

Because some egos are quite fragile, they are easily bruised and injured. Hypnotherapy can help strengthen the fragile ego and rebuild a personís self-confidence and self-esteem. By reviewing all that has gone right in life and releasing negative, hurtful memories; by realizing that no one has the right to control your life but you and by removing barriers that inhibit growth, the fragile ego can begin to gain a sense of empowerment and control.

We tend the fragile ego very carefully. Some may take only a few sessions while badly battered egos may need several. We work with each client based on their needs and the goals each wishes to accomplish.

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I canít seem to get over the death of a loved one. I feel despondent and blue. Iím not sure I will ever feel right again

Even when death is expected, we are never completely prepared for it. And a sudden death seems worse. Both can leave the survivors with unresolved issues, guilt or anger that can seem to be insurmountable.

In hypnotherapy, we can give those grieving a chance to resolve their issues and release the feelings of guilt and anger. Hypnosis is an effective means to vent feelings and resolve them in a healthy and safe manner.

Grief resolution is such a personal issue that the number of sessions required is dependent entirely upon the client.

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I know my student can do better work. What is the chance hypnosis can help?

Hypnosis can help a great deal. From memory improvement to the reduction of fears to creating good study habits, hypnosis can work wonders for students. The only requirement is that the student wants the change. As with hypnosis for any other reason, the person who comes to us must be open and receptive to suggestions. It must be that personís decision to seek help in this manner. If it isnít the studentís choice, the results will not be effective.

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What Our Clients Say

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my NAPLEX (the Pharmacist Licensing Boards)!!!! Our last session really helped me relax. I was barely nervous at all during the exam and seemed to be able to focus better than ever! I am officially a Pharmacist now and wanted to say thanks for everything.

Teressa D, Tulsa

I just want to let you know that I was a smoker since the age of 13. And my biggest fear was the horrible withdrawals, but to my amazement, I have zero withdrawals, zero anxiety, zero worry, and zero bitchiness, zero pain. I couldn't even imagine my life without cigarettes and now I can't imagine ever smoking before. Food is not even an issue for me. Every suggestion you gave me, follows me day to day. Its only been a few days but I feel terrific, empowered, and just plain wonderful.

Trey C., Sand Springs

I went to Jenks Hypnosis not really knowing what to expect. I did think it was going to be somewhat of an aversion therapy. It was with great surprise, and comfort that I found that the suggestions are all positive reinforcements.

When I left I had some cigarettes laying in my vehicle seat. I wondered what was going to happen. I threw them out on my way home. I have had thoughts of smoking at the times I usually smoked. But if I try to think about going to the store to get cigarettes, its like my mind just goes blank, or I think, why would you go buy cigarettes, when you are a non smoker? I have actually started to reach for them, but the same thoughts came right after that.

I have had no physical withdrawal since I went to see Mrs. Reno. I have actually felt better physically since the hypnosis, than before.

I believe that hypnosis is the best, most complete help available to quit smoking. I would recommend it to anyone who is truly wanting to quit.

I will be going back to see Mrs. Reno for some other things in my life. I have no doubts I will receive help for each and every problem I take to her.

Thank you Mrs. Reno for following your calling!!!

Jan A., Tulsa

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