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Show me what hypnosis feels like.

Remember that hypnosis is a normal human condition that we all go into and out of every day. This means that the state will not feel "odd" or "unusual". This short demonstration is intended to give you a sense of what it is like.

Please read all the way through the description of what I want you to do before you start. This will only take about a half a minute to a minute.

If you are sitting in a chair, put your feet on the floor, uncross your legs, and put your hands in your lap. Then take a deep breath and let it out slowly. (That should all take about fifteen seconds.) As you exhale, let your eyes close and let your muscles relax a little. Let your head gently droop to your chest and notice how your body feels now ...your arms, your legs, your shoulders, and your neck muscles. Breathe normally for about two to four more breaths as you mentally explore the sensations of relaxation.

Now emerge to your normal state. That was a light to medium undirected hypnotic trance.

Of course you didn't feel like you were in a trance because hypnosis is a familiar, normal, human condition that we all go into and out of several times a day.

Also, you may have noticed the more relaxed and refreshed feeling in your body after doing this excercise. I just threw that in as a bonus that you can now use any time you wish.