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SlenderSize - The New Way to Slim

"Trying to lose weight" is probably the most frustrating process we deal with. Could be because try (and its twin sister hope) is a negative word. Trying and hoping give you permission to fail. 'Try' gives the illusion of effort but doesn't. 'Hope' gives the impression of desire but isn't.

It seems to me that the biggest saboteur of any slimming program is the requirement of stepping on the scales. You've been good. Eaten properly, exercised, so how did you gain weight? You throw your hands up in frustration and anger, toss the "diet" and "weight loss" program out the window and head to the kitchen for some good old fashioned comfort food.

The truth is you could have been achieving your goal just fine. As we burn stored fat, we build lean muscle and bone. Fat takes up space. Lean muscle and bone weigh more. At Jenks Hypnosis Center we focus on the fit of the clothes rather than weight.

The SlenderSize Philosophy

The first step at Jenks Hypnosis Center is to change the perspective of what you will be doing. So throw the whole concept of "Diet and Weight Loss" out the window.

1) Weight Loss has a negative connotation- one of deprivation and struggle, failure and frustration. Also, our society demands that when you lose something, you find it or replace it. So we speak of SlenderSizing. Yes, it is simply a change in words, but these words have a more positive focus. There is no frustration, no sense of failure attached to them. In short, you start from a positive place. Not a negative place fraught with frustration, anger and past failures.

2) Now this term of diet. Every person in the world is on a diet. Every thing you put in your mouth is part of your diet. (And the first three letters tend to be somewhat off putting.) When mind set is to "go on a diet" you sequester yourself. You eat special foods in a special way for a specified length of time. Then you return to the real world. And, guess what? All the problems that drove you to overeat are still here waiting for you. Nothing has changed. You already know what to eat. You know how to eat properly. We focus on fine-tuning, not changing, the eating habits you already have. Again, a more positive attitude.

3) Finally. The bathroom scales. THROW THEM OUT! Never step on them again. Why beat yourself up? The number on the scale doesn't take into consideration your muscle mass, bone size or bone density - all of which have weight. As you eat properly, exercise every day, you convert fat to lean muscle and strong bone. The scales don't tell you the changing ratio. We focus on how your clothing fits not the number of pounds weighed. When your clothes fit the way you want them to fit, when you feel the way you want to feel, when you look the way you want to look, then you have achieved your goal - regardless of what the scales may say.

Self-image is a critical part of our program. The image held in the subconscious is the image the body will recreate in the physical world. If a person has a body image of being fat, the body will conform to that image. Through hypnotherapy, we can destroy the old image and create a new one. A trim, slim, healthy image that the body will conform to. Also, hypnotherapy provides suggestions to increase the desire to drink water, decrease the desire for fatty foods and creates the desire for a healthy lifestyle. We work with how you eat, when you eat, why you eat and the emotions surrounding these areas.

One of my most frequent questions is "What is your success rate?" An excellent and intelligent question, but one that I can't answer. Success depends on the person. I created this program for my sister. She was overweight all her life. All of her efforts to "lose weight" were thwarted and ineffectual. When we started, she wore a size 20-22. That was in September. The second time I worked with her was the following December, she was a size 14. The third session took place in May. She was a size 8. She is now a steady size 6 and very happy. She was also very committed. She works out at the gym almost every day. Her eating habits have changed. Her thoughts about food have changed. Her focus has changed. "I will never go back to the way I was!"

This is not an isolated case. Many of my clients have this kind of results. Some have less than stellar results and some have no change whatsoever. It all depends on how committed you are to making the change in your life. The more committed you are, the better the results. So, my success rate is dependent on your commitment to make positive changes.

This program was designed to be a three session program. However, if you feel that you have everything you need after one or two sessions, there is no need to return. If you feel you need more assistance after three, continue coming until you feel you no longer need to. Every person is different and we work within the frame-work of each client's needs and desires.

What Our Clients Say


Just thought I'd let you know that my task for this morning is going through my clothes and switching winter and summer clothes around. The sack of "too big" is growing and I'm delighting in putting on things that didn't fit the last time I tried.

I permanently discarded 15 pounds, then "oasised" for about 5 weeks! That was kind of a bummer, but I just hung in there. Now I'm back on track and am down a couple more pounds. I just don't feel any urgency about how fast it comes off, since I don't feel like I'm really working at it. Just letting it happen.

I am still amazed at my lack of desire to snack, especially chocolate! I'm not doing great on the exercise--so I'm going to work in a visit with you about that. I really appreciate what you helped me to do.

Gayle C., Tulsa

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