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Is it really possible to enhance my breast size using hypnosis/self-hypnosis?

Yes, it is possible. There have been a number of studies that have shown good results.

Breast enhancement is one of those things that seems like it is way out on the fringe of possibility. Well, it is on the fringe, but maybe not as far out as you might think.

What follows is a somewhat academic thought process of mine that justifies the idea that breast tissue can be stimulated to start growing. Some of you may want to skip to the next big print, below, about what we can possibly do for you.

There is no doubt that our heredity determines most, if not all, of our physical body characteristics. However, at the cellular level we are always changing. It is a fact of life that cells are always being replaced by new cells in every part of our body. Cells get damaged and new ones start growing in immediately. Some people contend that, cell by cell, we get a completely new body every few years.

I don't know how true that is, but I do know that I can see a difference in body shape in people over a period of time - sometimes even a period of days. Elsewhere on this website you can read about Nancy's program for SlenderSizing. Certainly you can change your body shape in that respect.

Another aspect of the growth of our bodies is how our emotions affect our lives. It seems to be true that the emotional ups and downs of people, especially children and adolescents, can affect their physical growth. I don't know how often that happens, but I suspect that it happens more often than we realize. And possibly the most vulnerable parts of a young girl's body to this emotional effect are the parts that define her as a woman. And the most outwardly visible part of that is her breast size.

So, this logic brings us to two basic causes of small breasts in a woman. 1) Her genetic structure may dictate that her breasts will mature to a small size on her body. And 2) Events in her childhood or youth negatively affected maturation of her breasts to their full genetic potential.

How would we approach this enhancement using hypnosis? We can use suggestion and imagery based on the idea that the body is always changing and replacing cells. Included with that would be to encourage the breasts to change in the desired way to build self confidence and self esteem.

Another approach is to revisit and re-stimulate the adolescent growth of her body and encourage it to grow to its full genetic potential.

Both of these approaches can work because the subconscious mind is the powerful controller of all functions of the body, and we work with the subconscious mind when we use hypnosis.

What does all of this mean?
It means that I think we can enhance breast size using hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

What would a program to enhance breast size be like? Well, it would include the two items above - 1) Suggestions to enhance the growth and redistribution of cells in the breasts. And, 2)to re-stimulate the adolescent growth of her body, encouraging her breasts to grow to their full genetic potential.

I know that sounds like far out, wishful thinking. But you must remember that with hypnosis, we work with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the most powerful goal-achieving power in the universe. If your subconscious truly believes something to be true, it is (or will become) true! And your subconscious is what controls the growth and replacement of the cells in your body.

There has been published information demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnosis for breast growth, but I still think of this program to be somewhat experimental for us. So this program will be priced outside of our normal therapy rates for a limited time. When we determine that it is as effective as I suspect it will be, the price goes up to our normal current rate for sessions.

The price is $150 for the entire program described below.

How does this breast enhancement program work?

First, let me say that all of the progress evaluation is done by you and reported to me verbally.

In the first session, we will evaluate exactly which approach we need to take, and we will plan for the exact direction of your program. I will do some of that evaluation by working with your subconscious, and we will make sure that all three of us (you, your subconscious, and I) are in agreement and comfortable with the direction we are about to go.

I will teach you self-hypnosis and give you some homework to practice with. It will consist of hypnotizing yourself and doing some guided imagery. There may be a CD or MP3 to listen to.

The second session a week later will be a continuation of the first session. We will discuss your progress and how practice is going. We will work on improving your self-hypnosis skills and I will work with your subconscious on motivation and skills. If additional weekly sessions are needed we will meet as necessary. Each session will require about two hours.

Then, about once a month for three months we will have a session to evaluate progress and modify your practice as necessary. You will be practicing daily self-hypnosis using affirmations and imagery.

You will probably begin to see and feel results within a week or two after you start.

Your success will depend entirely on you. If you don't plan to work hard on this project, then don't waste your money and time. If you do work hard on this project, you will be amazed at what you can do for yourself.

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