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Located in Jenks, America, near the heart of south Tulsa

Don's Voice

When I went to Florida in 1998 to get certification training at Jerry Kein's OmniHypnosis Training Center, it was a large step into another world. I had been interested in…fascinated with…hypnosis for most of my life, but had only done self study and a little practice with friends.

Suddenly, I realized the potential of this capability that we humans have. We can change not only habits, but also those parts of us that have been holding us back from achieving the possibilities we dream about. The next year I took Nancy to the NGH convention. It introduced her to those possibilities and she immediately jumped headfirst into this wonderful profession. She has now made a positive difference in hundreds of people's lives.

I have continued in my job in the medical computer world while continuing to study and improve my abilities as a hypnotist. I learned HypnoBirthing® from Marie Mongan and helped a number of women learn to birth their babies in a natural and satisfying way. I have evolved in my thinking about HypnoBirthing®, and have now developed my own program which I call Hypno4Birth. It involves much more hypnosis for greater comfort during labor. You can read about it here.

I have developed a powerful technique for teaching self-hypnosis which is incorporated in the Hypno4Birth technique. Once learned and practiced, a person can use their capability with self-hypnosis to create change in their own lives.

And a few years ago I completed the NGH Certified Instructor program. This means that I can teach people to become certified hypnotists through the Guild's program. This is the "Training" part of our name. The graduates from our program are making a difference in our corner of the world. They are improving lives by facilitating changes in their clients.

So, I am discovering that my purpose in this world has to do with empowering others to change this world for the better through their talents enhanced by my teaching.