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All About Me

I've chatted with you on several occasions regarding what hypnosis is, what it can do and how it works. I thought you might like to know a little of how I became so fired up about this process. (It's my husband's doing!)

I was never interested much in hypnosis. It was my husband who loved to "play around" with it and I was usually the handiest target. (And yes! He DID make me quack like a duck!) When he decided he wanted to become certified, he found the Omni School of Hypnosis and I sent him for his birthday. The following August, he wanted to attend the National Guild of Hypnotists' Convention. He paid for me to attend - IF I wanted to. (He's good to me that way.) So I went. I attended. I listened. I believed! It was so awesome and it sounded much too simple. How could it be that the mind is so easily directed to heal itself, and yet people remain stuck and sick? Why is it that they fear this power they have?

During several of the sessions I attended, I thought about a friend of mine and her myriad of problems (fibromyalgia, esophogeo-reflux, connective tissue disease, a multiply disabled child and a murdered son). Could this really be helpful for her? Could I help her sleep better? Take less medication? The answer, a resounding yes, seemed way too simple - but I'm a fan of simplicity.

I decided I wanted to do this. I was so fired up! But, being a cautious person, I waited until the end of September before I made my final decision to attend the Omni School of Hypnosis. There, I found my passion. With the excellent training, encouragement and guidance from Jerry Kein and Bob Brenner, I began one of the most fantastic journeys I have ever taken.

Without question, I love what I do. This is a gift I have been preparing for most of my life. I understand now why I struggled through depression, anxiety, abuse, and divorce. When my clients tell me their stories, I understand. Through this gift of hypnosis, I have ability to help people put decades of fears and anxiety behind them and feel good about who they are again. What a priceless gift! (If I didn't have to pay bills, I would do this just for the hugs I get.) But not a gift without its drawbacks. Yes, it is challenging and exciting. But it is also heart wrenching and tragic. But the gift is the look of peace on a client's face when they emerge from trance.

I have found that it doesn't matter how far you are from your intended goal, you still have the ability to get there. It is never too late to be what you could have been. Think about that! You are limited only by your own thoughts!

I tell my clients to cherish all of life's experiences - both good and bad. The first half century of my life, I slogged through some pretty ugly stuff. But it is those experiences that make me good at what I do. Value all of the lessons life gives you. Realize that at every moment in your life, you have always done the best you could with what you had. Sometimes that is a lot and sometimes it is a tiny bit. As I look back over my life, I smile. God has been good to me. The lessons were sometimes harsh and difficult to learn (and He had to deal with a most reluctant student!) But I am where I believe God wanted me all along - what He groomed me for - The Jenks Hypnosis Center where you can change your perspective and change your life.