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Attitude Is Everything!

What would you like to change in your life? Your diet? Your job? Your dress size? Your marriage? One internet poll asked just that. The number one answer was none of these. People wanted to change their attitudes.

Attitude colors everything you do. It determines your speech patterns, body language, posture, even how old you look. The unconscious manner in which words and phrases are joined reflects your educational and cultural background. The rate of speech often indicates the level of confidence. Those who have easy to hear, well modulated voices are seen as confident, outgoing and articulate. (A person who speaks fast appears to possess a high level of self confidence and passion about the subject. Conversely, a person who speaks softly, stutters, repeats and uses frequent pauses gives the impression of uncertainty and insecurity.) While these perceptions may not always match reality, all of it is based on attitude.

Ok. But sometimes my attitude is great and sometimes it is deeper than well digger shoes. What do I do then?

That depends. Is it a consistent cycle? A once in a while event? Different causes have different solutions. Attitude isn't impossible to change (even the bad ones). They aren't even difficult to change. But it does take consistency to change. Let's talk about how to combat those well digger days. 1. Start your day with positive words. We've talked about this before. Positive words and thoughts are vitally important. Remind yourself of your own wonderful attributes. You have power. You have potential. YOU ARE LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR OWN THOUGHTS! Stand in front of the mirror and repeat to yourself, "You are a beautiful person. I love you. You deserve the best and I'm going to give it to you!" This isn't conceit. It proclaims and affirms your value, your worth and the belief that love is the essence of who you are. Keep it up. Never stop telling yourself how wonderful you are. 2. Do you eat breakfast? Well you should! And skip the processed stuff (the high sugar, empty calories, quick-fix breakfasts). Choose healthy, high protein foods that can maintain your energy all morning. (Energy is the kissing cousin of attitude.)

OK. That takes care of the morning. See how easy this is? Now moving on to afternoon. 1. Eat lunch or chat with one of your 'up elevator' friends. (People are like elevators. Some take you up and some bring you down. Which ones would you rather spend your time with?) 2. Don't forget to breath. Yes, you do that automatically, but did you know when you focus intently, you tend to hold your breath? When you are stressed, angry (all those nasty negative influences we face everyday) your breathing becomes shallow. Your body becomes oxygen deprived and that exacerbates negative feelings. So BREATHE! Deep, lung filling breaths. 3. Need an afternoon energy boost? Skip the chips and candy. Choose raisins or nuts. Almonds are the best. High in monounsaturated fat, protein and Vitamin E, a great combination!

Evening Attitude Adjustments. Start with your drive home. 1. Stop thinking. Turn off the radio. Play music that soothes your mind and lowers your heart rate. (Music that is 60 beats per cycle. A fancy way of saying music that mimics your resting heart beat.) The beauty of this - when you do it consistently, your body will automatically begin to relax EVERY time you get into the car! 2. End the day with a Success Walk. Spend 10 minutes (oh, come on now, you can carve out 10 minutes from that busy evening schedule) reflecting on the days accomplishments (and the walk will do you good too). Tell yourself: "I am proud that . . ." "I successfully . . ." "One great thing about today is . . ." Come to think of it, do this with your children as well. Teach them self esteem and a good attitude. What better gift could you give them? 3. Forget being an adult. Let your 'child' out to play! Have a good time. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. You wouldn't give it a second thought if you realized how little time they spent thinking about you. 4. Get lots of rest. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts attitude, mood, stress levels, weight, performance and reaction time.

Is that all? Of course not. Anytime is a great time to improve your attitude. 1. Remember all that love you generated this morning? Well, start spreading it around. Nothing else you have grows by giving it away and it is so cost effective. It's FREE! Nothing else you do can make you feel so good. Remember what is like to receive an unexpected compliment? Random acts of kindness are a great mood and attitude booster - not only for you but also for the receiver. 2. Music is a huge mood enhancer as well. The key is how you use it. Need a lift? Choose music that makes you want to dance, move around, sing along. Want to relax? Choose quiet music or white sounds like the ocean rushing to shore. Close your eyes visualize the story the music tells, the pictures it creates. 3. For a quick pick up, sniff peppermint. Yes, Peppermint. It improves mood and motivation. Hey - the sports guys use it! Get a bottle of peppermint oil or a peppermint inhaler. (Try a health food store.) 4. AND, my favorite. Good news for all us chocoholics. Eat dark chocolate (not milk chocolate). In moderation, of course. Actually, dark chocolate is good for you. Not only does it improve your mood by increasing levels of serotonin (the happy neurotransmitters) and endorphins in your brain but it is also loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids that improve your heart health.

There are many ways to improve attitude. Some of these may work for you and some may not. The most important thought to take with you - Keep working at it. Your attitude will always fluctuate so keep a few tips close to hand to help lift your spirits.