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We are Fat because We are Starving
Part II

Remember what we said last month in part one? The basic problem is that most "weight loss" programs don't address the emotional issues surrounding WHY we eat. What good does it do to 'lose weight' if you don't deal with the issues that cause you to eat more than you should? Until those issues are addressed and resolved, we continue to fail in the attempts to 'lose weight'.

Now, what can you do about it? Well, first things first. Forget about 'losing weight'. Yes you read correctly. The terms 'weight loss' and 'diet' are so fraught with failure and frustration that the very thought is depressing and overwhelming. Besides, when you lose something, you generally look for it until you find it - or you replace it. So up and down you go, losing and finding the weight you don't want but can't seem to get rid of. Even the thought of denying yourself food gives you cravings. The more you deny yourself, the more you think about it, the more you want it. (I'm starving for some chocolate, bread, pasta, sweets, etc.) The greater the need, urge, desire grows until you finally satiate that need and overindulge - big time. Then the guilt returns with a vengeance. We are fat because we are starving.

Second, this concept of 'diet'. Now, I've always had trouble with this. (The first three letters are so off putting!) How can you GO on something you are already ON. You can change it; modify it; curb it. But you can't GO on it. Also, when you 'go' on a diet, you eat different foods (not the foods that live in the real world with you) and you eat smaller amounts (I am SO hungry). How does this help you deal with every day life? Even when you finish a meal, you still feel hungry and your mind dwells on the thought of something else to eat until you can't stand the cravings anymore and you satisfy that hunger - by overindulging - again. We are fat because we are starving.

A new and radical concept? Possibly. Does it work? Absolutely! All that is required is the heart deep desire and a commitment to change. Past failures are just that. Past failures. No matter how many times you have tried, you can and will succeed with this program. The Past does not have to predict the future! As long as we are debunking old concepts, allow me to dispel a few more.

1. Radically changing your eating habits traumatizes your body. It fears starvation so it begins to hoard calories and store all the fat it can. So when no food is available, you will not starve. What does this mean in terms of becoming a smaller size. It means you will be frustrated. It also means you do not learn how to deal with the food that populates your real world. As soon as you tell yourself you can't have something, you begin to crave it. All of this isn't very conducive to achieving that smaller size.

2. Plateaus. That time when you eat right and exercise properly and nothing happens. You're stuck! Frustration increases. Self esteem plummets. You throw your hands up and another attempt goes flying out the window. You think you have failed - yet again.

What you don't understand is the necessity of the plateaus. They are vital to achieving your goal. It is a time of rest and evaluation. Your body has been working hard. Occasionally it needs a little R. and R. During this time, your body redistributes the remaining fatty deposits and evaluates how much more needs to be done.

Like most people, my sister didn't like the concept of a plateau. A flat, barren waste land, nothing to see and a long way to go. She chose a different image. That of an oasis. Cool. Green. Shady. A pleasant place to be with no need to hurry on.

3. Exercise. That dreaded word that conjures up visions of smelly gyms, expensive special clothes, sweaty bodies and a 'no pain no gain' mentality. Well, if you are working to being Mr. Universe that may be true. But - exercise means movement. Period. It doesn't have to be unpleasant. It doesn't have to be strenuous. It doesn't have to be boring. It doesn't even have to be the same every day. Find something you enjoy. Find several somethings you enjoy. Bike. Bowl. Hike. Square dance. Garden. (anyone who thinks these aren't exercise hasn't done them lately!)

Oh man. I hate exercise. How come I have to do it? Because part of your problem is that you are sedentary. Your metabolism has sunk to new lows. The lower the metabolism the slower you burn calories. The higher your metabolism, the faster you burn calories. Exercise raises your metabolism. You do the figuring.

Why does this program work when others don't? Because I use hypnosis to change the basic programming in the subconscious. When the reasons to overeat are no longer there, you stop overeating - replacing old, unhealthy habits with healthy alternatives.

Hypnosis? Oh I don't know about that! Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we go into and out of many times each and every day. We just call it different things. We daydream. We get lost in a good book. We get involved and lose track of time. But actually, all that is nothing more than a trance. There is nothing 'abnormal' about it. It is safe, easy and effective.

Hmmm I don't know. I don't want to be out of control. You won't be. Even in the deepest trance, you remain completely in control and aware of everything going on around you. This sounds too good to be true. It may sound that way, but the Slendersize program does work.