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Hypnosis Refresher 101

I've had several clients lately who've had the mistaken belief that I can change them simply because that is what they want. They just don't listen to the facts when I tell them.

Fact 1. You must be open to and actively participate in the experience. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. I am only a guide. I can't MAKE anyone do anything - including going into trance. I had a client recently who, after about 10 minutes of induction, told me to stop talking and put him in trance. Wonder how he thought I was going to do that?

Fact 2. You are not going to feel any different than you do right now reading this article. It will feel like you are sitting in my chair with your eyes closed. That is all it will feel like and that is all it is supposed to feel like because that is all you are doing.

Fact 3. You are always cognitive of everything going on around you. Well into a session, another client said, "I can't be in trance; I can still hear you."

Fact 4. The change you seek must be a gift you wish to give yourself. You can't make changes because a doctor tells you to; because you know you ought to or because someone else wants you to. These are good reasons, but they won't provide any results.

Fact 5. You must be willing to make the changes you seek. You are the only one who can change you. I can't make the changes for you. A client who came to quit smoking told me - after about two hours of work - "Well I thought you'd just hypnotize me and tell me I didn't want to smoke any more." Do you want to quit smoking? "Well, no, I like smoking."

Fact 6. It is your responsibility to accept and to act on the suggestions that are given. My sole responsibility is to provide those suggestions for you. I frequently have smokers call a few days after their session to complain they haven't stopped smoking. They want to know what I plan to do about that. Nothing in life comes with a guarantee. If you don't do the work, you will not reap the change.

I go to great lengths to ensure my clients are armed with all the knowledge necessary to ensure their session is successful. From the on line pre-session information to the in office detailed explanation of hypnosis prior to the first session and the ability to ask any questions - at any time - before, during or after the session. Clients who refuse to read, listen or ask are wasting their money and my time. Regardless of what the clients wants to achieve, be that removing obstacles from the past, releasing fears, achieving life changes or simply boosting their own ability to achieve, my goal is to provide the tools necessary for each one to succeed in their chosen endeavor. I plant the seeds of change, but you must nurture and nourish and tend those seeds to achieve your goal.