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Magic Metaphors

The sunset was so beautiful - All deep blues and purples rising to pinks and corals. It was like someone had painted the sky.
Riding that horse was like sitting on silk.

Do you talk this way - using 'like', 'as if' or the straight comparisons of 'is' and 'was'? Making comparisons of one thing to another is a metaphor. They are a powerful part of our speech patterns because we are creatures of vision. The language of our minds is pictures. We think in pictures. We all deal with the world in, typically, one of three ways. We are visual; we see to learn. We are auditory; we hear to learn. We are kinesthetic; we do or touch to learn. Even if you are not a visually oriented person, imagery is still a very powerful tool. When you are given directions, you aren't thinking in words. You are seeing pictures in your mind. And if you are like me, if you can't see the picture, you can't quite grasp it.

Metaphors paint such vivid pictures. Using very generic statements brings powerful, full blown scenes to mind. And THAT is the magic of metaphors.

Two of my favorite scenes to paint are a waterfall and sunshine. (And just that probably brings to mind a vivid picture!) The falls I use are in the Sacred Space. They are a deep emerald green (for health) or sometimes blue (for peace). The purpose of these falls is to cleanse, wash, purge, all traces of negativity in the Spirit and to replenish the courage, confidence and faith in oneself. (Again, you have a picture of what is happening.) The second one is sunshine. Great golden droplets that surround you, wrap you, cocoon you with love and peace.

What does all of this have to do with hypnosis? Everything! When I work with clients, I use images that evoke feelings of peace, safety and comfort - images that provide a sense of security. It is from this place of safety that we begin and end therapy.

One of the more interesting aspects of metaphors is that not everyone's sense of peace is the same. I'm comfortable in wide open sunny spaces, mountain streams, shady trees, in short, in nature. Some of my clients are much more comfortable in small enclosed areas, completely surrounded by a tall fence. But it makes no difference. By using the general instead of specific, each client is able to create their own special haven, a sacred space where nothing and no can disturb them, because nothing and no one can enter that space without their permission.

Metaphors are a wonderful way to destroy emotions. Make it a chain and drop it over a cliff. Put them all in a book and burn it. Scatter ashes over the infiniteness of space. One ash per celestial body. Wow! The picture that brings to mind. Think of the number of suns, moons, planets, stars, comets, asteroids and just plain junk in space.

Oh, just think of the possibilities!!!