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The Mind Action Connection

You've heard the adage that "you are what you eat"? Well, you are what you think as well. What you think determines how you act. If you think of yourself as terrified, believe me, you'll act terrified. If you think of yourself as confident, you'll act confident. My husband has an adage, "Fake it til you make it." If you act ________, you will feel _________. Fill in the blank.

Take someone who has a fear of public speaking and that can be interpreted as two people or two thousand people. Fear is fear. So how do you change it? The Subconscious is the repository of all our experiences. It is also tells us how to interpret those experiences. That interpretation colors how we view events today. By delving into the subconscious to find the original cause, you remove all the negative energy surrounding that event. Usually it is as simple as a child who was once embarrassed, made fun of, or laughed at. As adults, we can talk to this 'child'. Allow the 'child' to see the event through the adult's eyes. With the added maturity of years, the childhood event loses its importance and becomes nothing more that what was, an uncomfortable event. But it's not an event that the adult needs to carry around. As the adult you are free to make you own decision. You may never be a Dale Carnegie and butterflies may still flutter. But you no longer will have that driving fear that makes your palms sweat and you voice catch.

This Mind/Action connection isn't just public speaking - or even fear. It is the basis of all of our actions; all of our past experiences both good and bad. In trance, good experiences can be enhanced and bad ones diminished.

Think about someone you greatly admire. What - exactly - is it that makes them admirable? Frequently, the answer is usually that they are good at something you feel inadequate in. They may seem confident while you shake in your boots. They may seem to have that magic touch and everything turns to gold and for you it turns to dust. The key word here is "seems". You see only the end results. You aren't privy to their thoughts or what they go through to be that confident. If you were, you just might be surprised!

So how do you go from terrified to confident? Well, it isn't as difficult - or as complex - as you might think. Our minds and our actions are linked through our thoughts. Think negative thoughts and you will be weak and ineffectual - because that is what you are TELLING yourself. And don't you always listen to yourself? The more you repeat these negative thoughts, the stronger they become. So stop with the negativity! Start telling yourself how wonderful you are! Even if you don't believe it now. Keep repeating those positive phrases - Forever! You deserve to hear the good things about yourself. And who knows your good points better than you.