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Reclaiming Power from Abuse

There are many uses for and reasons to seek out hypnosis. But one of the most difficult - and rewarding - is past abuse: mental, physical or emotional.

I am amazed by the number of people - and not all of them women - who come seeking help to deal with the tragic remnants of abuse.

Abuse is an ugly, equal opportunity destroyer. It targets men, women and children alike. It doesn't end when the abusive situation ends. Its tentacles of fear, distrust and anger reach far beyond the act. 20, 30, even 40 years later, the abused can still be dealing with the aftermath. Limited sexual intimacy and pleasure, overweight, low self esteem, derailed ability to cope, overwhelming sadness, over anxiousness, out of proportion fears - the list is almost endless. And all of them can play a part in a life torn apart by abuse.

How does a four year old, or a six year old or even a ten year old deal with parents, siblings, relatives or neighbors who abuse them? How does anyone deal the horrors caused by people who are supposed to love and protect them? By taking the blame. By accepting the fault, By believing they are not worthy of any other type of treatment. By remaining silent.

How does this mental litany of negative beliefs even begin to change? By going back and talking to the child. A few months ago, I talked about regression. Going back to give voice to the child, validating the feelings of the child and listening to all the child needs to say. Then taking the child to a place that is safe and assure the child that nothing will ever harm them again. And - Forgive.

You're kidding, right? Forgive the bum who did this to me! Get real!

Well, now, let's talk about this a moment. Forgiveness isn't for the person to whom it is given. Forgiveness is for the person who GIVES it. Forgiveness doesn't mean you condone what was done. It doesn't even mean you understand why it was done. What is does mean is that you will no longer allow someone to control you from afar. By forgiving, you remove all power, all control, all thought of the person who has caused you so much grief. It means you choose to reclaim your personal power.

Now think how liberating that could be! Holding on to anger, hate, misery and fear is like holding a live hot coal in your hand. Who is getting burned? I am. Does the person know you feel this way? No. Would that person care? No. So what is the purpose of holding it? None. As long as you are holding the hot coal, that person continues to exert power and control over you.

So. Now you have an option. Hold tight and burn or forgive and reclaim your power.

Are you ready to face your abuser? (Figuratively speaking) Are you ready to reclaim your power, your control, your child and your life? Are you ready to put your past behind you forever? Are you ready to step out from under the dark cloud and into the sunlight?

All it takes is a first step.