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Quelling The Smoking Monster

"I want to stop smoking. I've been trying for months. I even tried cold turkey for November's Great American Smoke Out. I just get so jittery! My spouse and kids say I'm grouchy and avoid me like I'm a plague. My friends do too. One of them handed me a pack of cigarettes and told me to do the world a favor. I really need to quit. What do I do? Can you help me?"

Well, that depends. The first question that needs to be answered is "Who am I quitting for?" Now think about this before you answer. Before you jump in with both feet and claim "I'm doing it for myself." Is your desire to quit prompted by a physician who strongly suggests you quit? Prompted by your spouse - children - who wants you to quit? Are you prompted by the high costs of tobacco? Or by the fact you know you should for health reason?

If any one of these is the reason you want to quit - Stop Trying. Stop wasting you money on products like CQ, nicorette gum or Welbutrin. All of these reasons are valid. All are good reasons. Not a single one of them will produce long term success. So keep your money in your pocket. You'll need it to buy tobacco.

The ONLY reason you need - the ONLY reason that will provide long term success is "I want to quit because I want to quit." Not because of anyone, not for any one. It is a gift you give yourself. And you are the only one who can give this gift to yourself.

Ok Now that we have the reason figured out - let's talk about this "trying to quit" thing. As long as you are "trying" you will not succeed. Try (and its evil twin sister Hope) are just an excuse to not succeed. There is no "try" involved. Either you will or you won't.

Consider how these two words permeate our language. Even our children are adept at trying. "But Mom, I tried," said with a whiney voice. And your reply, "Good. Now go back and do." So - do you want to continue "trying" or do you want to succeed?

Great! You want to quit for the right reason. You will quit "trying". Now let's talk about these jitters and foul moods. Long before you ever started smoking you were subtly programmed to believe quitting was difficult. That quitting involved long periods. That quitting involved long periods of jitters, grumpiness and grouchiness.

Well, of course, this is exactly what happens to you. Who put all that nonsense in your head? The Tobacco Companies. Who benefits if you decide quitting it is too miserable? The Tobacco Companies. Why would they want you to quit? Why would they tell you it can be done with without all the hassles of jitters, grumpy and grouchy? Well, duh!

Now, back to your original question. Can I help you? You Bet! Hypnosis is all about changing old, faulty programming; installing healthy programming that supports and helps achieve your goals. In this case, the goal of being a non smoker and staying a non smoker the rest of your life.

"Well that's good news but how can you do that when all those other products don't do me a whit of good." A good question. And this time, I have a good answer. All the products of the market that claim to help you stop smoking work on the symptoms of smoking, the cravings, the jitters, the grouchiness. But none of them can address the temptations or desires or the cravings. Those products can't do anything about the programming. I can.

My smoking cessation program addresses the emotional reasons of why you smoke. Reasons your conscious mind may not even recognize. (Good thing I work only with your subconscious where all the programming is.) I work with the emotional reasons, the excuses, the temptations the thoughts of, "I can't". Perhaps you continued to smoke because of rebellion. Perhaps there are issues of boredom, a lack or need of control, a need to punish yourself or someone else. Most of these are NOT conscious thoughts or reasons. But they may exist and most probably do. Then there is the way you talk to yourself. Once all the old negative programming is cleaned out, we start working on that.

Negative words and thoughts are so incredibly powerful. Six times more powerful to be exact. So how many times have you said, "I can't. . ." Changing the self talk is an important and integral part of the session.

Then we start the process of rebuilding your programming with positive, healthy, alternative tapes.

"Wow. How long does all that take? How many sessions?"

Usually - only one. On rare occasions it will take two. How long is the session? About two and a half hours.

"Are you sure this will work for me? Do you guarantee it?" The hypnotist, whether me or anyone else, is your guide. The only responsibility of the hypnotist is to provide the suggestions to achieve the goal. The rest of the responsibility, accepting and acting on the suggestions, is yours. You are the only one who can accept or reject a suggestions. Only you control everything you do. You can't control situations (though you may be able to influence them). You can't control other people, what they say, think, feel or do. You control only yourself and how you chose to react. You can choose to accept the suggestion or you can choose to do something else. Since you alone have this power and this control, no-I don't, can't and won't offer any guarantee your results. But I can guarantee I will do everything in my power to help you become a non smoker and to remain a non smoker the rest of your life.

As always, the decision is yours to make. If we can help you on this journey to achieve this goal, please call us at 298-6884 or 809-8770.