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The New Year's Resolution - This Year

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas is past and the New Year has been toasted and ushered in. Now it is time for the annual ritual . . . This year I resolve to -

Every New Year's Day, we sit down and write out those promises we make to ourselves. This year I will . . .get into that smaller size, keep my temper, stop smoking, stand up for myself, believe in myself, etc. And each year, by the end of February [usually sooner] life gets in the way; those old, well ingrained habits resurrect, and those well intentioned resolutions fall by the way side. We find ourselves thinking - yet again - well maybe next year.

But why wait until next year? Are resolutions to improve yourself only a once year thing? Of course not. No matter how often you've made - and broken - your resolutions, it is never too late to start the journey - and complete it successfully!

The only questions then are: what do I want to do; and how do I plan to do it? Hmmmm. OK. Let's start at the beginning. What has kept you from succeeding in the past? What is it that makes those resolutions so hard to keep? Sheer laziness? Not really. If you were lazy, you wouldn't be making the resolutions in the first place. The fact that it is easier to stay the way you are than to change? A little closer to the truth, but not a bull's eye.

What makes it so difficult to keep those resolutions is your internal programming. We talk a lot about internal programming, but that's what makes us who and what we are. On a superficial level, we can decide to make a change and do it successfully. I can change my style of clothing (and have).. I can change the color of my hair (and do regularly). I can change my mind (and do so with even more regularity!). But basic changes to our routines, temperament or personality can't be made through the conscious mind. Because those routines, those quirks in our personality are ingrained; they are our programming. And that programming must be changed at the basic level where it was created and where it is stored -in our subconscious.

Sound scary? It isn't. Because trance is something you do all the time anyway. You just call it different things. You daydream. You drive on autopilot. You get lost in a good book, your thoughts, the music, a good movie. Your mind becomes engrossed, focused. Time becomes suspended and, in each instance, passes more quickly than you expect.

So - if I can put myself in trance, why can't I make these changes? Good question. But it is a little like a doctor doing major surgery on himself. Not impossible but logistically impractical!

If you put yourself in trance to make changes at the basic - subconscious - level, it is imperative for your conscious mind to hang around to give orders to the subconscious. And since the conscious mind tends to wander, that is more easily said than done. BUT - If someone else directs your trance, the conscious mind is unnecessary and unimportant. It can run around, pay no attention and entertain itself anyway it wants to. Allowing someone else to direct the trance allows your body to give into the wonderful sensation of complete relaxation. (There is a reason they call us hypnojunkies!) When someone else directs the trance, the results can be absolutely astonishing! Old habits ingrained from childhood just simply disappear. They are replaced by new thoughts, new habits, new behaviors. And these new thoughts, habits and behaviors are permanent.

Believe it or not, you are in control of your future, your destiny. And your future, your destiny, never changes unless YOU CHOOSE to change it. So, this year, what are you going to resolve to do?