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What can Hypnosis be used for?

I am frequently asked what can hypnosis be used for besides entertainment, weight control and smoking cessation?

Well, what would you like to accomplish? If it is emotionally driven, and almost everything in our lives is, hypnosis can improve it, diminish it or get rid of it.

Ah, excuse me. Isn't that a bit contradictory?

Actually, no. If you want to be a better student, hypnosis can help you improve your study habits. If you want to feel better about yourself, hypnosis can help you diminish your negative self talk. If you have profound fears (phobias), hypnosis can help you get rid of it. Want to extract yourself from a bad situation; improve your sports performance; be a confident witness in a trial? Do you have restless leg, IBS, over anxiousness? Hypnosis can help.

The scope of what hypnosis can do is so much broader than even we practitioners know and understand.

So. How does that work? How can hypnosis do so much?

To explain that, we need to go back to the beginning - back to your birth. You are like a computer hard drive with only very basic programming. You know how to cry, eat and fill your diapers. Everything else, you must learn. The longer you live, the more programming (knowledge) you acquire. And you acquire whatever you are told. As an infant and small child, you have no ability to critically judge the information you are given. So every thing you hear is considered absolutely gospel truth. Have you ever wondered at a small child's belief in giants, fairies, Santa or monsters under the bed? It's because we adults have told them they exist!

About the age of six, a child has acquired enough information to start making critical decisions on their own. But these decisions are still based on the information they have gathered and have been told. So if a child grows up hearing "You are fat, dumb and ugly." they will believe they are fat, dumb and ugly regardless of just how intelligent, beautiful or slender they are. Because that is the programming.

They should be able to change that on their own. Why do they need hypnosis?

All of this programming is in the subconscious, and is little affected by conscious thought or action. Hypnosis bypasses the cognitive process (that thing called the Critical Factor) and goes directly to the heart of the problem - the childhood programming. We look at he faulty programming and destroy all that isn't worth keeping. New programming is installed. In this example, we destroy all the programming that says "I am fat, dumb and ugly" and replace it with positive programming that says "I am beautiful and intelligent and worthy to believe in myself." Once that programming is in place and accepted, the problems the adult had begin to disappear. When that happens, the face of my client begins to radiate! The sound of these words they have seldom heard and never believed fill them with a joy that can not be described. The clouds and darkness have been torn away and the sun is finally shinning!

I love what I do!!