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What is this thing called Hypnosis?

Probably not what you are thinking it is. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon. We use it all the time every day. We just call it different things. We daydream. We drive on autopilot. We say things like, "My mind was a million miles away." We become engrossed in a good book or movie or Monday Night Football and it is difficult to get our attention. We may become so involved in a project that it startles us when someone walks in and speaks to us. Whatever you want to call it, it is trance.

Well, how can that be? I don't feel any different then than I do now. Good. You aren't supposed to feel any different.

Whoa now Nellie. Hypnosis makes you do all kinds of crazy stuff like clucking like a chicken. I've seen folks do it. Though for the life of me, can't imagine why they'd want to. No doubt what you are thinking of is a stage show. You have to remember, in a stage show, there are no introverts on stage. Everyone is there because they want to be a part of the show. They are giving their tacit permission for the hypnotist to give them goofy suggestions and they will comply - because they WANT to be a part of the show.

What I do in hypnotherapy is completely different. You won't be clucking like a chicken, acting like a stripper or barking like a dog. Because - there is no therapeutic value in doing those. I know you have lots of questions, so let me answer the ones I get most frequently.

What does it feel like? Well, since each journey is different, that is a little difficult to pin point. However, over all, you will feel like you are sitting in the chair with your eyes closed. That's all. Think about it. How different do you feel when you are reading an engrossing book? You feel like you are sitting in the chair reading a good book. It's the same with a trance in my office. That's all it feels like. And that is all it is supposed to feel like.

I don't want any part of it. It is mind control! Nothing is farther from the truth. You are more cognitive of what is happening around you that you are in your normal state, because your mind is sharply focused and you are concentrating intently. You hear the outside noises. You just ignore them. If they were eminently dangerous, you'd be out of that chair in a flash, fully cognizant and fully alert.

Don't you go making me do things I don't want to do. Not to worry. That concept is a hold over from LaLa Land (commonly known as Hollywood.) I can't make anyone do any thing. I had a client once who told me he wanted to quit smoking. No matter how hard I worked, I got nowhere with him. He finally opened his eyes and said, "Girl, this just isn't working. I thought you'd hypnotize me and tell me I wanted to stop smoking." Did he want to stop smoking? No, he liked to smoke. He wanted me to make him want to stop smoking. Doesn't work that way. If you don't have the soul deep desire for the change, save your money. Nothing I do, or anyone else for that matter, will change that. You are the only one who has the right to make the decisions that affect your life. My sole duty is to act a guide. My only responsibility is to provide the suggestions to achieve your goal. Since you are the only one who has the right to make those choices and decisions, it is your responsibility to accept and to act on those suggestions.

Well, that seems like a cop out. You mean you don't guarantee your work? Hmmmm Do you ask a physician to guarantee his work? (He'd probably get a good chuckle from that!) The point is - the medication he gives you won't work if you don't take it. The suggestions I give won't work if you don't take them, act on them, make them your own.

Ok. Then can I get stuck in hypnosis and never come out? Not a chance. Since this is a naturally occurring phenomena and because you are always in control, nothing untoward can happen. Even if you were to go into trance and the hypnotist left the office never to return, you would simply emerge yourself when the voice stopped talking to you or you would drift into a deep and restful slumber. Can't get stuck. No way. No how. Next question.

How do I know it will work for me? Do you guarantee that? I don't guarantee anything except that I am good at what I do. If you have the desire for change and the desire for the experience, you and I can make incredible changes. What kind of changes? What kind of changes would you like to make? Hypnosis can assist you with such a wide range of issues. It isn't just for weight management and stop smoking. Anything that is emotionally based, (and almost everything in our lives are) can be helped with hypnosis. I can't do a thing for the common cold. But, I might be able to help with your propensity to catch them. Almost everything that happens to us stems from emotions we have stuffed into our bodies and ignored. When the body gets full, it rebels and we get sick. What path that sickness takes is up for grabs. It could be IBS; it could be cancer; it could be 'anxiety' or 'depression'.

I had a client who came to me because of an incident of molestation in her early childhood. When that issue was resolved, her restless leg syndrome suddenly vanished.

So what is this thing called hypnosis? It is a wonderful, powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.