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What is Hypnosis?

Most people have only two experiences with trance. What they see in the movies and what they see on stage. Hollywood (lovingly called LaLaLand) takes vast sweeping license with hypnosis and trance. What they present is so far out in left field it no longer resembles reality. Stage hypnosis is intended to entertain not to delve into the whys and wherefores of behavior you want to change.

Commonly, hypnosis is thought of as sleep. And yes, a lot of hypnotists still use that word to guide people into trance. Why? Because words are our only tool. We have to use words that the vast majority of people from every socio-economic level will understand. Who among us doesn't understand sleep!? Using the word "sleep" meets their expectation. People expect to be 'unconscious', 'unaware', a zombie. They expect to have no control over anything that happens. What they expect isn't what is going to happen!

Trance is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we all drift into and out of all day - every day. We call it different things. We day dream. We drive on auto pilot. We get lost in a good book, a movie, sports, shopping, etc. We lose track of time. One of the properties of hypnosis/trance is that a very long time seems very short. I frequently ask my clients how long they think they have been in my office. They say 20 to 30 minutes. They are amazed that over two hours have passed.

Ok. You know what it isn't, now for what it is. Amazing! Incredible! An unbelievable journey - that you control. You are actually more aware in a trance state than you are in your normal cognitive state. One of the fallacies of hypnosis is that the trance-inducer (me) can direct your actions. Nope. Not gonna happen. I am a guide. I make suggestions. You have the power and the control to accept or reject them. So if I suggested you to rob a bank and bring me the money, you most likely wouldn't accept the suggestion.

When a person comes to me saying "I want to stop smoking", I go to great lengths to discern the reasons they want to stop. "It's expensive." "My doctor tells me to." "My spouse/kids are after me to quit." "Society keeps painting me into smaller and smaller corners." "I know I should." All good sounding reasons and not a single one of them is valid. Unless you want to quit as a gift to yourself and NO ONE ELSE, nothing I do will make a long term difference. I worked with one gentleman for three hours before he opened his eyes and said, "You know, I just don't think this is working. I thought you'd hypnotize me and tell me I wanted to quit smoking." He had the power to accept or refuse the suggestions and believe me, he was refusing every suggestion I made!

Hypnosis is deep concentration. The process I use is guided imagery - creating images with words. We all deal with the world in one of three ways. We are visual; we see to learn. We are auditory; we hear to learn. We are kinesthetic; we touch or do to learn. Regardless of which you are, this process works beautifully. One language of your mind is pictures and it is very comfortable with this process. It can provide a vast array of images to go along with my words. Your imagination kicks into hyper drive. Every thing is real - the colors, the textures, sounds and fragrances - even taste! All five senses are alert and engaged. You are concentrating so intently, you may forget you have a body. Even the normal, outside sounds are ignored. The cars, the planes, even a ringing telephone doesn't disturb you.

It is in this place of deep concentration that the outside world fades to the background and the memories and tapes of the subconscious can be reframed. Remember when we chatted about why regression works? Well, this is why. The subconscious is the keeper of all the memories and it is in this state of deeply relaxed, highly focused concentration that changes occur.

Frequently, new clients are hesitant and somewhat apprehensive about this process. That is normal and understandable. Returning clients are excited and eager. They say, "Don't talk, just put me in trance!" They enthusiastically enter the trance knowing how wonderful it is and how wonderful they will feel when they emerge.

There are those who say that only 80% of the population can be hypnotized. I happen to disagree - since we hypnotize ourselves all the time. Do you have to believe in hypnosis? Not really. Do you have to believe that it will work? Well that helps, but being skeptical isn't detrimental to achieving trance. The only thing I require of anyone is the desire for the experience and follow the suggestions to guide you into this wonderful trance state.

What is hypnosis? It is an unbelievable, incredible journey that anyone can take. It is a method of healing past hurts, of soothing the child within, the means of changing habits, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that no longer suit or nurture you. It is the path to freedom.