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Who Can Be Hypnotized?

This is another frequently asked question; along with, "Are women more difficult to hypnotize than men?" There are so many myths and misconceptions running around out there, I'm sometimes surprised any one calls to ask questions about hypnosis. But the truth is if you want to enjoy the experience, you can. All you have to do is follow instructions.

Trance is a naturally occurring phenomenon. You do it all the time, every day and have since early childhood. Daydreaming and driving on auto pilot are both excellent examples of when you use trance. When you go to a movie and get lost in the story, you are suspending the critical factor. Mrs. Corbett, my fourth grade teacher, drilled into her students "visualize what the words are saying." Now when I read a book, the roof could cave in and I wouldn't notice. I'm not there. I'm wherever the story has taken me.

Now, are women more difficult? Nope. Actually no one is difficult to hypnotize but some are easier than others. When I was in class, my mentor told me he found accountants, lawyers and doctors, those who job requires them to be analytical, to be the most difficult. I haven't found any of them to be a problem.

I had a client, a lawyer, who had been subpoenaed as a witness and he wanted to be sure the other side couldn't rattle him. We worked on being calm and focused - allowing nothing to rattle his composure. I gave him a trigger of red. Every time he saw red, he would be reminded of the calm and peace that surrounded him. I also suggested he give his lawyer a red tie! He was one of the easiest clients I had. Why? Because he was motivated to achieve his goal and that is all it takes to be an excellent subject for trance. Have I ever failed to get someone into trance? No. However, I have had clients who refused to stay in trance.

What about children or teenagers? Can you hypnotize them? At about the age of six, children are prime candidates for hypnosis. They still have vivid imaginations and are quite willing to suspend anything to do with reality. Teenagers are another group who are easy. They have not yet lost their ability to be childlike and they are usually eager to retreat from reality.

Is anyone difficult? Well, that depends on the hypnotist. I find the over 70 are more difficult for me to deal with. My husband prefers to deal with adults. A friend of mine prefers to deal exclusively with the elderly. Just as doctors tend to specialize, we hypnotists naturally gravitate toward that group that is easiest and most comfortable for us to deal with.

So Who Can Be Hypnotized? YOU can.